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A free and easy solution to see your marketing and eCommerce analytics in Excel

Zenudo's easy to use solution allows you to see the insights you need from platforms such as Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, and Google directly in Excel.

Zenudo is free to use.  No trials.  No credit card required.

Cross-channel insights

Easily build reports to include data from multiple platforms and have a unified version of the truth to make faster and better decisions. See what is working and what isn't to drive traffic, revenue, and brand engagement.

Easy implementation

Adding new data sources takes minutes and our no-code solution means no need for developers or IT bottlenecks.

Directly into Excel

Zenudo works as an add-in directly in Excel giving you the freedom to store, analyse, and visualise data in the way you want.

Save time

No more endless copy/pasting across multiple platform backends or Excel files. Reduce time spent on tedious data collection, cleaning, and transformation – focus instead on analyzing data, deriving insights, and setting strategy.

Cross-platform insights

Break down data silos across platforms, TPs, agencies, and other departments to understand what's really driving performance with cross-platform data at your fingertips.

Top platform connectors

Our wide range of source connectors provide a depth of metrics from key marketing, data, and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Plug and play dashboards

Hit the ground running and unlock the power of your data from platforms in Asia with our full set of best-in-class dashboards specifically tailored to digital marketing and eCommerce across multiple platforms.

Want to try for yourself?

Zenudo is free to use. No trials. No credit card required.