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The easiest way to pull your Facebook Ads analytics data and combine it with other channels

Analyze all your Facebook Ads metrics in Excel

Zenudo for Excel is free to use.  No credit card required.  Start seeing your Facebook Ads data in Excel today.


Made for marketers

The Zenudo Facebook Ads connector allows you to automatically pull performance data from your Facebook Ads account and combine it with data from other advertising and eCommerce platforms such as Instagram, Google, and Shopify.

You’ll quickly be able to see which channels and campaigns are driving brand engagement, conversions, and sales.

Once you have your metrics in Excel, you’ll be able to easily combine metrics from multiple platforms to have a clear cross-channel picture of your performance.

Why is Zenudo Analytics available for free?

Zenudo is building a community of marketing and eCommerce professionals.  Our aim is to help these professionals navigate an increasingly complex landscape of marketing, data, and eCommerce platforms. 

While we will be releasing high value products and services  in the future that will not be free, including those suggested by the community, we are pleased to offer our basic analytics connectors for Excel for free.  During your use of Zenudo for Excel, we may ask you for feedback through surveys or voluntary participation in our community forums.

Zenudo does not use or sell your data.  We take data security very seriously and you can read our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement as well as Security Policy for more information.

How it works

See your Facebook Ads metrics in the tool of your choice


Easily connect and bring key marketing metrics from Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google, Shopify, and other top platforms into Excel.

Combine and Build

Filter, query, pivot, and combine data to build the reports you need in your favorite tool with easy access to key metrics from each marketing or eCommerce platform.


Save countless hours by scheduling and automating your dashboards and reports. Find out what is and isn't working across multiple platforms to make faster and better decisions.

Reporting and analytics should be easier

We live in a multi-channel world, but cross-channel reporting and analytics is tedious and time consuming.

Collecting and combining data from multiple marketing platforms involves endless copy/pasting from multiple platform backends and files.

With Zenudo, you can automate your reporting and analytics, and spend time analysis and insights.

No coding required

Connect to your Facebook Ads account in minutes rather than months. Our no-code solution means you don't need developers or IT bottlenecks to get your data out of Facebook.

Your choice of tools

Zenudo works with your existing analysis and data visualization tools such as Excel, giving you the freedom to store and use data in the way you want.

Plug and play dashboards

Hit the ground running and unlock the power of your data from Facebook with our full set of best-in-class dashboards specifically tailored to digital marketing and eCommerce across multiple platforms.

No more copy/paste

No more endless copy/pasting from the platform backends or Excel files. Reduce time spent on tedious data collection, cleaning, and transformation – focus instead on analyzing data, deriving insights, and setting strategy.

Cross-channel insights

Combine your Facebook Ads account metrics with those from other marketing and eCommerce platforms to see what's really driving performance.

Top data sources

Aside from Facebook Ads, our wide range of source connectors provide a depth of metrics from key global platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Shopify.

Zenudo for Excel is free to use

No trials. No credit card required.