Now in Beta! Try Zenudo for free until 31 August 2022.

Your marketing and eCommerce data, where you want it.

Low cost and easy to use,  Zenudo provides you with the simplest way to collect your data from marketing platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram – and make it available in reporting and analysis tools such as Excel, Google Sheets, and Data Studio.  

How it works

Reporting and analytics from muliple platforms and markets made easy.


Easily connect and bring key marketing and eCommerce metrics from Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, Google, and other top platforms into Excel, Google Sheets, or Data Studio.


Filter, query, pivot, and combine data to build the reports you need in your favorite tool with easy access to key metrics from each marketing or eCommerce platform.


Save countless hours by scheduling and automating your dashboards and reports. Find out what is and isn't working across multiple platforms to make faster and better decisions.

Powerful tools for brands and agencies alike

Zenudo removes the complexity associated with reporting and integrating marketing and eCommerce data sources in Asia and beyond. Whether you're a marketer, retailer, or an agency team supporting multiple clients, our tools let you focus on making better decisions and delivering value as opposed to time-consuming data collection and cleaning tasks. No more stitching together multiple CSV files or copy-pasting from platform back-ends.

Easy implementation

Adding new data sources and platforms takes minutes instead of months. You can be up and running with data from your marketing and eCommerce platforms in the tool of your choice in no time.

Your choice of tools

Zenudo works with your existing reporting and analysis tools giving you the flexibility to create the reports or dashboards you want with the insights you need.

Better decision making

Break down data silos and accelerate access to business-ready, contextual data for faster and better decision making. Ask the right questions and get the answers you need.

The Zenudo Toolkit

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Available now! Zenudo for Excel

The Zenudo for Excel add-in is a super simple way to move your analytics data from marketing and eCommerce platforms directly into a spreadsheet without ever leaving Excel.

Coming soon! Zenudo for Google Sheets

With the Zenudo for Google Sheets add-on, you’ll be able to pull metrics from multiple marketing and eCommerce platforms directly into Google Sheets.

Coming soon! Zenudo for Data Studio

With Zenudo for Data Studio, you can create your own dashboards, charts, and visualizations with data coming directly from your marketing and eCommerce platforms.

Data Connectors

Now in Beta! Try Zenudo for free until 31 August 2022

Start using Zenudo for free today. No credit card required. Full license discounts will be made available to Beta users after the Beta period ends.